It’s illegal to share certain medications with friends or be inpossession of someone else’s prescription, regardless of the reason.

“College life can be stressful and many students mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safe just because they are legal. But when prescription medicines are misused or taken without a doctor’s prescription, or taken in combination withalcohol, they can be just as harmful as illegal street drugs like cocaine and heroin”says Linda Dunphy, Director of the UHS Wellness Program. “Abusing prescription drugs doesn’t help studentsget better grades, but it can jeopardizze their health and safety, and they may suffer theconsequences for years to come.”

UMass Boston Academic Support Programs Campus Center offers tutoring, workshops on study skills and workshops to help all students improve their acadmeic achievement.  For more information about these resources visit their web site.  

If you have questions about any issue related to presription medication you can discuss with a health care provider or a counselor at University Health Services.  For more information email [email protected]